Check our frequently asked question list below.

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e-mail suporte@cleverad.com.br or through our contact form.

  • What should I do to start earning money?

    It's very simple! Just go to the link:www.cleverad.com.br/editores.php
    Then just fill out the form and wait for our staff to contact you.

  • How does it work?

    After completing your registration, our staff will evaluate your website, content, and after this phase, we from CleverAd we will contact you.

    We will send your TAG to use our format, CleverBar and thereby increase their income.

  • How does the search?

    The search is another CleverAd differential. You will also monetize with the web searches your audience makes using our CleverBar.

    Every search your audience make using our system, will generate revenue for you, partner.

  • And my integration with social networks? How do I do?

    During your registration, you can fill in the data of your social network: Facebook, Twitter and G+. In your panel, you can also update your registration and users.

    If you have problem, please email contato@cleverad.com.br and our staff will help you.

  • How do I get my payment?

    Stay tuned to the payment button on the control panel. When your CleverAd account reaches the minimum value of R$ 40, the button will be enabled between the 5th and 20th of each month. So just click for ransom. Payment will be made directly to the account you entered in your CleverAd register within 20 days.

    Important: payments are retroactive, ie, in the current month you request the redemption of the accumulated values ​​in the last month. For example, if you click the ransom button at the beginning of April, at the end of the month will receive the figure for March earnings. Back in May, may redeem the values ​​of April and so on.

  • How much will I get to use CleverAd?

    CleverAd pays its partners using the concept of E-CPM (Effective CPM).

  • What is E-CPM?

    E-CPM is the effective value of 1,000 impressions generated by you, partner.
    This value is not what was actually generated, but it is the basis for calculating your income, using the value to calculate revenue.

  • How much is passed on to my website?

    Of all revenues generated 50% of net revenue is passed on to the partner.

  • My report is not updated. What to do?

    The reports will be available always on the next business day until 1pm. This means that the gains on Friday and Saturday will be available UNTIL the next business day, at 2pm.

  • What is the minimum amount to request my payment?

    After gathering R$40.00 you can request your payment.

  • My question is not answered here. What do I do?

    Send your question to our team throughcontato@cleverad.com.br
    Our team will clarify your doubt.